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Yes you Can

yes we can

Over the weekend, I saw a new Commonwealth Bank commercial with The Voices contestant Steve Clisby.

This is part of its inspirational Can brand positioning since inception last May 2012 with an award-winning campaign, featuring the poem “ode to Can’, read by Toni Collette.

What I like with Commonwealth Bank new campaign is the messages and using Musician Steve Clisby story life-long love of music and his perseverance to achieve his goals and reinforcing the CAN philosophy.

Congratulations to creative mind behind the new campaign after a long hours of brainstorming, copywriting, storyboard and shooting. I know what is like to create a amazing ads for a big client like CBA being a former employee of Advertising agency back in the Philippines I used to do that.

According to Commonwealth Bank Chief Marketing Officer, Vittoria Shortt,The campaign was aimed at empowering and inspiring customers – both individuals and businesses – to move forward in their financial lives.

The latest chapter of this campaign continues the momentum with the lead campaign thought: ‘When you believe you Can, you Can’. ‘Three Little Letters’ is a testament to Steve’s personal story – from being a six year old who, inspired by his mother’s record collection, taught himself to play the piano and saxophone; to performing on the world stage and playing alongside Tina Turner and Jimi Hendrix. 

Demonstrating his perseverance to achieve his goals, 67 year old Steve went on to become a finalist in the 2013 series of The Voice, where his story was embraced and he now continues to perform as a successful live artist across the country.

Three Little Letters’, which encourages Australians to pursue their goals, will be supported by a 60sec and 30sec TVC, outdoor media, digital video, cinema advertising and social media campaign.

A three-minute video, showing Steve performing the song, can be watched and downloaded for free from, or downloaded from iTunes and the Google Play Store, with net proceeds donated to the Breast Cancer Institute of Australia. 

Commonwealth Bank Chief Marketing Officer, Vittoria Shortt, believes the latest campaign demonstrates Commonwealth Bank’s ongoing commitment to the Can attitude.

From being greeted by our concierge in-branch, conversations with our dedicated employees over the phone, to the new technologies on offer, which make everyday banking simpler for customers – the sentiment of Can underpins every interaction we have with our customers.”

“Steve’s story of perseverance and consistently striving towards his goals personifies the Can philosophy. Over the years he repeatedly told himself ‘I can achieve my dream’, and that’s what he continues to do. We hope Steve’s story and our latest campaign encourages our customers to pursue their goals, and work towards their financial and personal aspirations,” said Ms Shortt. 

According to Steve Clisby, the sentiment of the Can campaign is something he has related to throughout his career.

The Can philosophy is a commitment to continually working towards your goals. Throughout my career there have been times when I considered giving up, but with positivity and hard work I managed to persevere through the tough times and achieve things I never would have thought possible. I’m proud to be working with CommBank on the Can concept which so closely mirrors my own life story,” said Mr Clisby. 

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