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Out and About, Show and Tell

Internationally renowned success coach Kurek “The Transformer” Ashley helps people find their fire.


Olympic gold medallist and TV personality Giaan Rooney had only known world-leading success coach Kurek Ashley for a matter of hours before she was pumped up enough to undertake her first firewalk.

Despite having gone through intense physical and emotional challenges while competing for Australia, Giaan was overcome with emotion from the experience, which aired recently on House of Wellness, a reaction she admits she wasn’t expecting.

This is testament to the power of transformation that occurs when you work with Kurek.

Kurek has presented workshops and spoken at events in more than 17 countries around the world and has influenced millions of people. The effectiveness of his powerful holistic methods has seen him become known as The Transformer.

Although he had worked in Hollywood for 20 years and acted in 38 Hollywood movies alongside the likes of Sylvester Stallone, John Travolta, Adam Sandler and Chuck Norris and worked behind the scenes on hundreds more, Kurek has also experienced some of life’s lowest lows.

There were periods where he was homeless, at one stage in two countries at once, and he went through an intense battle with depression, alcoholism and drug abuse triggered by witnessing the death of five dear friends in a horrific helicopter crash while filming a Hollywood blockbuster.

By making the decision to not only overcome these hurdles, but to become resilient to all future hurdles, Kurek has shown it is possible to rise above any challenges life throws at you and achieve true greatness.

Kurek’s international best-selling book How would Love respond? continues to resonate with readers a decade since its release and his passion and drive to help people of all ages, from all walks of life, to turn their lives around and enjoy holistic success shows no signs of wavering.

He has worked with established Hollywood producers, directors and actors and Fortune 500 company leaders to achieve their biggest goals and recently, a young man named Adrian overcame Tourette’s syndrome within a few months of working privately with Kurek by learning to harness the power of the mind. In 2000, Kurek worked on the personal development of Australian volleyball players Kerri Pottharst and Natalie Cook to the country’s first Olympic gold medal in the sport in 2000.

One of his latest passions, however, is inviting everyday people who want to inspire real change in their lives to an uplifting and transforming retreat to the stunning North Stradbroke island in Queensland.

Over the past 12 months, Kurek and his wife Erin Ashley have hosted four groups on the island and have left the retreat feeling as uplifted and energised as each of the participants.

The latest Find Your Fire retreat is coming up on November 16 and over four days, participants will experience an incredibly powerful program that will support them to break through the limitations that have been holding them back in life and get clear on their goals and purpose moving forward.

Far from being pumped up and sent on their way, Kurek and Erin equip participants with the tools they need to create massive momentum with tangible actions to take with them.

Those on the retreat will learn The Formula for success from Kurek, who has lived and breathed this way of life for decades and be immersed in the world of mindfulness with Erin to build mental and emotional resilience. One of the highlights of the retreat is the opportunity to become a firewalker with Kurek, who is the world record holder for the longest firewalk (a whopping 81 meters), as your guide.

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