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KOHAB launches new social property platform

Kohab, a property website helping people own property together, has launched its next offering; a collaborative social property platform set to disrupt the current experience of searching for, and buying property. A true social network, the online platform and app allows users to discover, discuss and decide on properties alongside buying partners, family, agents or advisors, all in one simple, easy-to-use place.

No longer will buyers need to separate property listings and data, and have fragmented conversations across different communication channels such as email, SMS, Facebook and Whatsapp. Kohab’s new dashboard interface allows all property conversation and information to be available in one online destination, giving those who are searching for and buying property a faster, more collaborative experience.

The website and app allows Kohab members to define and group what they’re looking for into their own curated, personalised ‘Dream Boards’. Kohab Dream Boards have integrated messaging and alerts, inspection times and current property statuses, and they also allow members to invite their family, friends or other parties to join. Kohab members can also use their dashboard to chat directly with Agents about each property, making communication between the two happen in real-time.

This new offering will also be revolutionary for real estate agents, buyer’s agents, property agents and influencers, by offering an entirely new ecosystem of curated ‘Public Boards’. Business users will be able to reach new audiences, and engage with existing clients by creating Public Boards that buyers can follow to stay up to date with property developments. All boards are presented in the same user-friendly interface, allowing buyers to share or add featured properties from Public Boards to their own boards.

For a more focused approach, business users will also be able to create ‘Client Boards’ to communicate, collaborate and advise specific clients within Kohab.


Brendan Pomponio, Principal, Belle Property Dee Why says, “The new platform is going to revolutionise the property industry and disrupt the way the current industry works by allowing real estate and buyers agents the ability to showcase curated property options to buyers, as well as enabling dynamic chat and messaging. It’s really exciting and will bring agents and buyers together in one social, easy to use hub.”

Founder and CEO of Kohab, David Dawson says, “We identified the common pain points of property buying as stress, fatigue, and communication frustration. We’ve created the new network to combat these experiences and bring the excitement, adventure and fun back into the journey of finding, and owning your dream property.”

“Our aim for the platform is to make buying property an exciting, hopeful, shared experience that makes it easier for people to own property together.”

Kohab is a unique property platform that provides a place to communicate and collaborate on property, making the journey of buying easier for individuals and the property industry.

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