Style of Life is about my personal experiences  and how to make my life  better. It also  covers topics on lifestyle, fashion,  family, events, arts, travel and food among others.

I love to write reviews on any products or services. But , I will only advertise products that I have actually used and tested.

I want to make sure I would confidently recommend to my readers as I consider them as my friends. I highly suggest offering a giveaway to go along with the review. By doing, this increase traffic and exposure for your company or product.

However, I’m not responsible for mailing the product the Style of Life will forward you the winners information.

If you feel you have product that Style of Life readers would like to know about you are welcome to submit the product or service for a review.

I gonna put the suitable products or services in two different places in Style of Life and which allow readers to link with advertiser’s website.

1.  Review .I write a review of a product  or services that I have used, tested and loved and want to share with         others.

2.  Sponsored Post . The content should  be professionally written  in line with Style of Life site’s theme and voice. I will spent reviewing  and publishing your content.

We would love to talk to you about building a partnership with Style of Life.

If you have any products or service that you think are suitable for Style of Life. Please feel free to contact me .If you need more information. Your generous contribution would enable me to share in this wonderful opportunity.

I also personally  handle all  sponsorship , sales for my other  blogs (eg. Thesidestrip, Auspod Syndicate, Guerilla Podcast Syndicate and Reporti) and look forward  to speaking with you.

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